Planning Your Cosplay

Planning for the first step to take before you can start making your cosplay. Lots of people approach this process differently. Personally I am an avid list maker as well as a sketcher. After I decide on what I’m making and gather up all the reference images I can I get to planning.

First I sketch the outfit to get an idea of the shapes and parts I will need to make. This leads me to figuring out patterns, fabric, and notions/closures that I’ll need to make it. This all goes into a materials list. Then i start making a To Do list of all the things I will need to do for the costume. The To Do list is sometimes super simple and other times it’s very detailed. That changes based on mood and/or how complicated the costume is.

Since I know this is the best way for me to plan I put together a very helpful printable planner page. I figured there are others like me so I’m adding it here for you to use as well.¬†Just pick your preferred paper size and if you’d like room for a sketch or not.

A5 Size

US Letter Size

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