Con Survival Guide: Packing Your Cosplay

.Packing your cosplay is extra important when traveling for events. You want to make sure you have everything you need for all of your costumes. After that you’ll want to make sure it’s all packed safely so that nothing gets ruined or broken in travel.

Make a List and Check It Twice

I find it really helpful to make packing lists for each costume. Then I use those to gather all the items I will need into piles by costume. This also gives me a visual of how much I need to pack so I can pick the right suitcase size. It’s also a good way to gather everything in an organized way so that I don’t forget any costume pieces or accessories. I do this with my make up as well but it becomes more of a single pile for everything vs costume specific piles.

If you’d like to do this too I’ve got a helpful printable for you to use. It’s the basic costume items checklist that I make for each and every costume I have. Just pick the paper size you prefer:

Bags On Bags On Bags

Suitcase wise I really like hard cases. They add an extra level of protection for my costumes that softer suitcases don’t. The only downside is that hard cases tend to open in the middle. So they can take up a lot more space on the floor of a hotel room. This is something to consider if you’re sharing a room with more than 2-4 people. (No judgement, we’ve all been there.)

I find sometimes I will need an additional tote bag to carry things that don’t fit within my suitcase or can’t break down. I find this tends to be something I do a lot for wigs that have to stay on the wig head. This also is the best way for me to carry my Ahsoka headpiece to events as well. My favorite tote bag for this is the large utility tote from Thirty One. It has more structure to it (including a built in wire to keep the top open) so I don’t have to worry about the tote collapsing on itself much. It’s also the perfect size to stash on the top of hotel closets.

As for makeup and hair, I use a fold-up family organizer from Thirty One. I like it a lot because it holds everything I need, folds up really well, and can hang from a towel rod in the bathroom to help keep counter space clear. Plus it’s easy to clean if anything spills.

Grab and Go

That’s the basics for everything I do when I pack for events. If you have any other tips or things you do when it comes to packing for events share them in the comments. I love hearing how others do things.



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