Ahsoka Leggings Walk-Thru

Ahsoka is probably one of the most complicated costumes I have ever worked on. She has a lot of details even though she looks really simple. One of my favorite pieces of the costume is the leggings. So I thought I’d do a simple walk-through on how I made my leggings.

You can make these leggings with or without the orange illusion mesh. I used it because I didn’t want to add 30 minutes to my make up time painting the sides of my legs. Plus I have sensitive skin so the less I have to paint/wash the better. Just for reference I use Mehron Paradise in the color Foxy for my make up.

So the first things you will need for this is your pattern and your fabric. I used McCall’s M7482 (view D). I picked this pattern because I liked the panel inset design. For the fabric I ordered a gray heavy weight cotton lycra and rust colored illusion mesh from SpandexWorld. I’ve also made these leggings without the mesh using a gray Ponte De Roma from Spandex World.

Once I had my pattern, I traced the needed pattern pieces onto tracing paper. I always trace out my patterns for a few reasons. 1) It gives me a more durable pattern piece and 2) it preserves all the pattern sizes so I can always remake the pattern at a different size without having to buy a brand new pattern.

Before I cut my fabric I took the time to figure out my diamonds. I did this on the side insert piece (the whole reason I got this pattern in the first place). I used my tape measurer to measure out where I needed the diamonds to fit within as well as how tall they all needed to be. Ahsoka has a large diamond at the top near her hip (the tunic covers a little of the top) and then 5 smaller diamonds under that that go to her mid calf (into the top of the boots). I drafted out the diamonds on my pattern piece and double checked the size/scale against my own leg multiple times. When I was happy with it I moved on to cutting my fabric. I cut my fabric according to the pattern instructions. The only difference was that I also cut the insert piece that the diamonds will be done on out of the rust illusion mesh as well.

What the piece looked like pinned before being sewn

To get the diamonds onto the fabric I used chalk transfer paper and a tracing wheel. Just lay the paper down between your fabric and the pattern then go over the lines with the tracing wheel. The chalk lines end up on your fabric easy peasy. Then I cut a line from corner to corner on the inside of the diamonds making an X. I fold those pieces back to open up the diamonds and pin the fabric down. Then I placed my illusion mesh on top and redid the pins to hold that as well. Once everything is pinned it all got sewn down as close the the folded edges of the diamonds as possible. Once sewn I trimmed all the excess fabric away to avoid bulk while wearing the leggings.

From there I just finished sewing the leggings together according to the pattern instructions. The pattern comes together very well but I find it runs a bit big so you might have to do some more fit alterations than normal. I had to take mine in a lot in the front and back along the crotch. I also highly recommend adding elastic to the waist band even though the pattern doesn’t call for it.

If you have any questions about how I did anything ask away in the comments bellow. I’m happy to help. 🙂

First try on of all the soft parts together.

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